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KIPET is the one-stop shop for kinetic parameter estimation from batch and fed-batch reactor systems using spectroscopic or concentration data. KIPET is a Python-based package using maximum-likelihood statistics, large-scale nonlinear programming optimization, and finite element discretization in a unified framework to solve a variety of parameter estimation problems. Use KIPET to:

  • Simulate reactive system described with DAEs
  • Solve DAE systems with collocation methods
  • Pre-process data
  • Perform estimability analysis
  • Estimate data variances
  • Estimate kinetic parameters
  • Estimate confidence intervals of the estimated parameters
  • Estimate parameters from multiple datasets with different experimental conditions
  • Obtain the most informative wavelength set to obtain minimal lack-of-fit
  • Analyze your system (SVD, PCA, lack of fit, etc.)
  • Visualize results

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KIPET Resources

KIPET development is hosted on GitHub and we welcome feedback and questions there:


KIPET makes use of Pyomo as the algebraic modelling language and much of the syntax can be found here: